Equipment Transportation

Over the last 15 years we have developed our heavy haul side of the business as a way to diversify our transportation offering.  We have a variety of trailers to accommodate a large variety of equipment and delivery locations.

Truck Availability:

2 - Cozad 9 axle, triple 16 Steerable trailers with beam, extension, & deck

Murray M2000 9 axle, triple 16 booster with beam & deck

Rackley 8 axle

3 - 8 Tire Murray Folding Tails

4 - 16 Tire Murray Professionals

Murray Tridem RGN

Trailmax 25 ton Tiltbed for tight delivery locations

48’ Spread Axle Drop Deck

Up to 176,000 payload.

All trucks are apportioned and ready to run in 48 states and most of Canada. 

Please email for a quote or more information:

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6,7,8 & 9 Axle Album
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