Petroleum Transportation

We have been in the petroleum transportation business for over 60 years, providing safe and reliable delivery of all types of petroleum products.  We haul Gasoline, Diesel, Bio Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Ethanol, and all types of  Lubricants.  We take pride in making sure our equipment takes advantage of the latest technologies and enhancements.  By doing so we have late model, lightweight trucks that ensure our customers the most payload possible.

Truck Capacities:

California - Gas: 8,700 Gallons - Diesel: 7,700 Gallons - Lubricants: 7,000 Gallons

Nevada - Up to 13,200 Gallons Gas and Up to 11,500 Gallons Diesel

Many trucks are equipped with product pumps for delivery into aboveground storage.

Our trucks are licensed and ready to run in 48 states and most of Canada.

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